Outrageously green

May has arrived and the Radnorshire hills are bathed in that luminous green that always takes your breath away at this time of year. We’ve heard the cuckoo but unlike last year, he isn’t right next to the farm; he can be heard as we walk the dogs on the Begwns and was first heard over a fortnight ago by the hill-farmer whilst out lambing . The swallows are making brief appearances each day but are struggling to find food in the wet and are rather disconcerted to find the sheep are sheltering in the small barn where they built their nest last year. Meanwhile, Jacob the duck has slept in the hen shed each night after exhausting himself by flying into the oak tree to inspect the nest. Neighbours informed us that ducks do indeed often choose trees but I am concerned about the eventual appearance of any ducklings…

About fforestcwmbyre

Retired teacher with a love of the outdoors. I enjoy horse riding, walking and cycling, especially in the area of Hay on Wye where I live.I also run a self catering converted barn with my husband Steve. Together we also look after our family of animals, including dogs, horses, cats, sheep, hens and ducks!
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