Stir up Tuesday

I failed to get my Christmas cake and pudding made on Sunday so today I aim to get stirring and make them today as well as mince pies for guests arriving over the next few days! We’ve been exceptionally busy this month- only a handful of days without guests which is not bad for November- and it’s the Hay Festival Winter Weekend coming up so our guests here in the Byre will be greeted with mulled wine and mince pies instead of the cream tea or chocolate brownies that I usually offer. 

Meanwhile, as we stagger out of bed in the morning around 7am to feed our animals, I remind myself that not very long ago Steve and I had to be up at 5.30 every morning to get everything fed before going off to work in our schools where we both taught. I don’t know how we did it for thirty years! It’s lovely now to have time to watch the woodpeckers feeding on our bird feeders, the red kites circling over our fields and the horses galloping across our paddocks…wrecking their rugs, ploughing up the ground, covering themselves in the thickest mud imaginable…umm. Well, that’s maybe not so good!

I saw a family of long tailed tits last week. They seem to gather in quite large groups unlike other birds on our feeders and perform astonishing acrobatic feats as they hang upside down. I do hope the winter isn’t too hard for them. We are going through a huge amount of bird feed each week but it’s worth it to see the variety of birds here. 

About fforestcwmbyre

Retired teacher with a love of the outdoors. I enjoy horse riding, walking and cycling, especially in the area of Hay on Wye where I live.I also run a self catering converted barn with my husband Steve. Together we also look after our family of animals, including dogs, horses, cats, sheep, hens and ducks!
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