The times they are a changin’

This morning two fat robins were arguing over territory in the garden; they were surprisingly aggressive. One of them seems to have taken over the stable area and has been hopping in and out, helping himself to food that the horses have dropped. We thought the swallows had gone for good as the weather here has been wet and chilly since the weekend- but no, several swallows have just been once again swooping and diving around the yard. I will miss them when they go.
It’s been a very eventful time for us recently. Our Jack Russell, Betty, has had a severe lung condition and nearly died two weeks ago. At the moment she seems back to her old self, thanks to an inhaler that she has to use twice a day. She’s surprisingly good about using it and sits quietly, inhaling deeply until she feels better. We bought her a new bed to cheer her up- she’d had a nasty time at the vets- but lo and behold, Wallis, our one year old Collie, had different ideas and decided to pull it apart. You can see the result.
We have been amazingly busy for many weeks now. In June, July and August we were completely full and we have had twenty eight days occupancy this month. Hay is buzzing too; I hope other businesses have also had a great summer.
We went away to St.David’s last week. What a beautiful place that is- we have been many times but it never fails to cheer me up. The coastal path was fabulous too and we were blessed with warm sunshine. Let’s hope for a lovely Autumn…


About fforestcwmbyre

Retired teacher with a love of the outdoors. I enjoy horse riding, walking and cycling, especially in the area of Hay on Wye where I live.I also run a self catering converted barn with my husband Steve. Together we also look after our family of animals, including dogs, horses, cats, sheep, hens and ducks!
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