A watching kettle never boils…

As I stood admiring my new horse in the sunshine this week, I suddenly heard the sound I have been looking forward to for days- the chattering of swallows. Looking up, I spotted three, swooping and diving as they inspected their old homes in the barns above our farm. I watched for quite a while; the sun was warm and the Black Mountains in the distance stood out clearly against the cloudless blue sky. Then, as quickly as they had arrived they disappeared. I walked down the hill quickly, hoping that our barns at home would also be welcoming the arrival of these amazing birds- last year the parent birds raised ten chicks; they all fledged. But I was to be disappointed. All week we have watched and listened but so far only one scout has appeared- last night, as I supped a glass of wine in the evening sunshine, a solitary swallow circled the house several times before heading off down the valley. Perhaps the cool easterly winds are holding them back…


About fforestcwmbyre

Retired teacher with a love of the outdoors. I enjoy horse riding, walking and cycling, especially in the area of Hay on Wye where I live.I also run a self catering converted barn with my husband Steve. Together we also look after our family of animals, including dogs, horses, cats, sheep, hens and ducks!
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