Finding peace and losing a phone

After a stressful time trying to find a suitable nursing home for my mum who has late stage vascular dementia, we jetted off at the end of June to a wonderful converted shepherd’s shelter high in the mountains of Northern Mallorca, near Soller and Fornalutx. Although excited about our return to this beautiful corner of the world, and obviously looking forward to some chilling out time with Steve, I knew I would find it hard to switch off from worrying constantly about my mum and this proved to be the case.
The house, as always, didn’t disappoint. It’s high up in the Tramuntana Mountains with just sheep and donkeys and olive groves for company. The views, especially at night as the sun sets and the bats gather in the caves behind us, are breathtaking. I felt myself unwind in the baking heat- you couldn’t rush about- so we swam, sauntered around the wonderful town of Fornalutx and travelled by boat to our favourite bay, Cala Tuent. This stunning beach has the high mountains as a backdrop. There are no bars, shops or indeed anything at all to detract from the clear, cold water apart from the odd Muscovy duck bobbing about- I kid you not! Which reminded us- had Jemima hatched out her eggs at home? Sadly not. 46 ducklings last year. This year- none. Jacob’s fertility is now in question…
But, of course, my mind constantly wandered back to wondering what the latest news was about my mum…and when my Iphone was stolen from my zipped up bag as I carried it on my shoulder whilst visiting Palma, I have to say I went into panic mode. Yes, only a phone. But it caused us such stress; our dependence on this technology is frightening. Not being able to contact my family was suddenly all important. When I then developed crushing chest pains a few days later with all the symptoms of a coronary, I realised just what anxiety can do. It turned out I was having an oesophageal spasm- the symptoms are identical to a full blown heart attack and are totally scary when you find yourself unable to speak or move…
So an eventful time. Phew. And my mum? Back in hospital. The nursing home couldn’t cope with her dementia. The search goes on.


About fforestcwmbyre

Retired teacher with a love of the outdoors. I enjoy horse riding, walking and cycling, especially in the area of Hay on Wye where I live.I also run a self catering converted barn with my husband Steve. Together we also look after our family of animals, including dogs, horses, cats, sheep, hens and ducks!
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